Thursday, March 11, 2010

DIY: Flower Essences

How to Make Flower Essences

Flower essences are wonderful tools for self-transformation, especially for working on the emotions, which are key to creating a feeling of wellbeing. Making your own essences from the plants around you can give you a range of personalised tools to lift and change your mood.

Flower essences are very safe, they work at a vibrational level, in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. You can take them along with any current medication, even give them to children and pets.

You will need:

A small, clear glass bowl
Spring water- fresh is best, but still bottled water will do if you can’t collect from a natural spring
Filter paper- coffee filter papers are fine- preferably unbleached
A glass jug
Brandy- for preserving the finished essence
A small funnel
A small bottle- preferably with a pipette
Labels & pen

All of the items should be scrupulously clean, and the glassware sterilised

1. Decide what to make. Take a walk around your garden, or go into nature & notice the plants in flower- you will probably feel drawn to one particular type of flower to make your essence- it is best to only make one at a time.
2. Choose a nice sunny day to make your essences. Go out early to find freshly opened flowers.
3. Fill the small glass bowl with spring water and place on the ground in the sun.
4. Asking permission from the plant in your mind, and with gratitude, carefully pick enough flowers to cover the surface of the water (don’t do this with endangered species please!)
5. Leave the essence to develop in the sun. The sun’s rays help the energy signature of the flower move into the water.
6. You will probably need to leave it there for three to four hours. If you pendulum dowse you can check when the essence is ready- otherwise you can rely on your intuition to tell you it ‘feels done’.
7. Strain the flowers from the water into a jug using filter paper
8. Decant into the bottle, half filling it, adding the same amount again of brandy to preserve your essence. Made with care and kept in a cool place it will store indefinitely.
9. Cap the bottle and write a label, include the date & type of flower.
10. Drink a little of the remaining essence if you like, then return it to the Earth with thanks.

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