Saturday, November 13, 2010

Support local growers! Here's a few reasons why...

* The average meal in the US travels 1500 miles before reaching your plate.
* Frozen peas requier 150% more energy than fresh peas due to packaging and refrigeration.
* A head of lettuce traveling from CA to NC uses 36 times more fossil fuel energy in transport than it provides in food energy.
* Farmers selling produce locally can grow varieties chosen for taste instead of varieties chosen for how well they travel.
* Farmers' markets enable growers to keep 80 cents to 90 cents per dollar spent by the consumer compared to 9 cents in traditional food markets.
* Produce not sold locally is often in transit or cold storage for days or weeks, and its nutritional value declines with time.
* When you purchase locally grown produce, your money stays within your community.

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