Friday, November 21, 2008

Soaring Forests - or Stumps...2 million acres of US forest are in danger!!

Reject the Bush Administration's plans now by clicking here

President Bush's final day in office comes in exactly two months and his Administration is clearly aiming to use the remaining time to get as many environmental rollbacks on the books as possible.

An extreme case in point: The ancient forests of western Oregon, now under threat of large scale, industrial clearcut logging.

You can help us protect Oregon's ancient forests from last-minute handouts to the timber industry. Take action now!

This isn't just about a small plot of land. The Administration's plan endangers more than two million acres of ancient forests of cedar and fir, home to black bears and deer, as well as endangered birds like the marbled murrelet and spotted owl. It's an area whose trees, wetlands and thousands of miles of rushing rivers act as a buffer against encroaching changes from global warming.

The Bush Administration's proposals would fragment this old growth ecosystem with the desolation of stumps and logging roads.

We're already having an impact – through our efforts, the Bush Administration reversed itself and finally agreed to accept public comments on this plan. Now we need to flood the Administration with letters in opposition to this radical plan.

Don't sit idly by. Speak up to reject the Bush Administration's plans NOW.

Time and time again, we have successfully kept this Administration from wreaking havoc on our nation's wilderness. It would be a travesty if, during the last days of the Bush Administration, we lost such a legacy through inaction.

In these final days of 2008, let's do all we can to save Oregon's ancient forests.

Thank you for your commitment.


Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

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