Thursday, November 20, 2008

What To Do With Your Leftover Food - by Heather Havey, M.A.

What To Do With Your Leftover Food by Heather Havey, M.A.

When you eat, firstly and most importantly, EAT ORGANIC FOOD. This is EXTREMELY important, because any other choice is filled with some degree of poison. In some cases, up to 30 or more poisons are used on a single crop!!! In my opinion, eating a conventional vegetarian or vegan diet (one that is not organic), is JUST as dangerous for your health, if not more so, than eating meat and dairy and lots of processed foods.

Secondly, what should you do with your leftover ORGANIC food? =)

The answer is Simple, and Wonderful!


Birds love to eat seeds, breads, anything made with flour, chunks of fruit or nuts, pasta, and so on.

Squirrels also love nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

If you dump food, do it away from your house, because rats and mice and other animals ALSO love food remains, so you don't want those lingering around and digging holes under your house...simply because it can cause challenges for you in a garden or even with plumbing or electrical if they get into walls or dig under the house.

Throw food remains into nearby woods, if that is an option.

Also, if you compost, simply throw the food remains into your compost bin. Then the micro-organisms and insects will help you to build healthy, new soil for use in your garden.

It's really quite wonderful to consider how you can feed and support local wildlife and health of your own soil, simply by giving all your food remains back to nature.

Aloha; have a blessed day, Heather Havey

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