Friday, October 30, 2009

Global warming labels put on food products

Global warming labels put on food products
by JoAnn Blake
October 24, 2009 Link to full article below

When it comes to reducing emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases, Swedes are downright serious. The New York Times reported on Friday that Sweden is testing the idea of labeling food to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The labeling effort grew out of a 2005 Swedish study that found 25 percent of national per capita emissions was attributable to eating. An example of the labeling: "Climate declared: .87 kg CO2 per kg of product," which relates to the amount of carbon dioxide involved in the food's production.

Among the recommendations of the nation's new food guidelines are to eat carrots rather than cucumbers and tomatoes (which are grown in heated greenhouses there, which consume energy) and to substitute beans or chicken for red meat because of the emissions associated with raising cattle.

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