Friday, October 30, 2009

How Much Energy Does Your TV Really Use?

How Much Energy Does Your TV Really Use?
3 things to consider before buying your next television (unless, that is, you want to spend hundreds of extra dollars).
Televisions use a tremendous amount of electricity, particularly plasma flat screen models, so look for the Energy Star label and read this before buying your next TV.
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About four years ago I started noticing that flat-panel, big-screen TVs started to pop up almost everywhere I went. Places like the hotel lobby, the fitness center, restaurants, at the airport and increasingly in our friends' homes. Also overnight, the size of TVs seemed to almost double....

To make a long story short, here is what we found:

* Some of the bigger, less efficient models consumed more electricity each year than a new refrigerator and can cost several hundred dollars to operate over their 10-year life.
* There was a wide range of energy use between similar-sized models. In general, plasmas consumed considerably more energy than equivalent LCD models.
* TVs now represent approximately 5% of U.S. residential electricity use and over 1% of all national electricity use.

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