Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Host a Vegan Baking Party

Give A Crash Course In Veganism - Host A Vegan Baking Party

Educate friends the fun way by making decadent vegan desserts together.

Jaymi Heimbuch

By Jaymi Heimbuch
San Francisco, CA, USA | Tue Feb 23, 2010 07:35 AM ET

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vegan sugar cookies
Jaymi Heimbuch

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One of the biggest factors that often stops people from going vegan is the notion that you have to sacrifice some of our most favorite foods that revolve around dairy. While it's true that finding a good cheese alternative is tough - though there are decent alternatives out there - going vegan doesn't mean giving up decadent, rich, wonderful foods. Baked goods is one area where the potential of veganism shines through. With so many alternatives for eggs, butter and milk, finding wonderful recipes for dessert is, well, a piece of cake.

A fast way to get all your friends to learn about what veganism entails and that one doesn't sacrifice amazing food in the effort to cut out animal products from the diet is to host a baking party.

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