Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Lift Yourself out of Depression

We all feel down from time to time. Sometimes these depressions can last a day or so but sometimes they can last much much longer. Nowadays the common solution to this is to go to the doctor for a handful of pills. However, not only is there considerable debate as to the side effects of anti-depressants but there is also much speculation as to whether they actually have any effect at all. So what's the alternative? There are a great number of steps you can take to improve your mood without reaching for a bottle of tablets. And here are five of the best:

Go on holiday

Almost everybody loves to go on holiday. Whether it's a trip down to Cornwall or a Caribbean cruise, it's one of the things in life we most look forward to. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, getting away from it all - there are so many positives of packing your bags and heading off to climates new. It can often be just that little boost you need.

Get a pet

All pets can give your life a kick start when you need it most. They offer tremendous companionship and give you a real reason to get up in the morning. However, of all the pets you can choose a dog is by far the most rewarding. Not only are they perhaps the most loving and giving of domestic animals but they need daily walking which gets you out of the house, gives you a good workout and brings you into contact with other people.

Start something new

A new hobby or experience can give you that all important boost to pull yourself out of the hole you're in. Not only will it give you a sense of pleasure, it will invariably introduce you to new people which is often just the tonic you need. Group activites such as salsa or yoga classes are ideal because they also involve an element of socialising which is always a good way to beat those blues.

Other Ways:

** Exercise is an excellent way. You release endorphins and these boost your happiness, hope, and confidence.

** Breathing and moving. Change something, stir things up.

** Watch funny movies.

** With cognitive behavioral psychology, we realized that thinking makes you blue or happy. Start thinking positive thoughts. Start choosing the higher thoughts rather than the lower ones.

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