Monday, May 10, 2010

What You Can Learn from a Dumpster Diver

What You Can Learn from a Dumpster Diver
by CC Christiansen

I am an experienced dumpster-diver and proud of it. You can find the
best things in another person's waste. However, this article is not
about how to dumpster-dive, but what I have learnt from it.

1. Don't buy food you do not like. I find a lot of vegetables and
fruits in their original package. Why? Because obviously a lot of
people try to eat healthy and then buy food they don't like/eat. Stop
that! It is a waste of money. If you don't like apples and carrots,
you will not eat them, so do not buy them.

2. Stop buying sweets/cakes/cookies. It is a totally waste of
money to throw sweets/cake/cookies away because you decide to stay
healthy or slim down. Don't buy them in the first place. If you do
anyway, at least give them away (kids, work, friends).

3. Not liking a present does not mean throwing it away is a good
option. Either sell it on eBay or wherever, give it to someone else
or keep it and give it away as present (don't forget to write down
who gave it to you, so you don't return it to the giver).
Furthermore, tell the person who gave it to you that you did not like
it or tell them what you like next time around. During Christmas
season, I find presents still wrapped in the wastebasket. I am always
happy about them, but they were not meant for me to be happy!

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