Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raw: Ann Wigmore's rejuvelac recipe

from Dr. Ann Wigmore and the Creative Health Institute Kitchen

2 cups soft wheat berries

1. Soak in purified water 8 hrs or overnight.
2. Drain, rinse, then allow to sprout for 2 days, without rinsing.
3. When white sprout tails begin to show, add 6 cups purified water, cover jar with cheesecloth, put in a warm place where it can be exposed to at least 70 degree temp for 2 days.
4. THEN pour off, drink or refrigerate, or use "rejuvelac" in a recipe.
5. The leftover seeds can be used one more time, with 4c. purified water, will culture in 1 day. Then seeds can be composted, or thrown to birds.

Caveats - do not drink soak water. Seeds must sprout.

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