Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some advantages of the Raw Living Foods diet

1. elimination of pollen/animal allergies
2. improved eyesight
3. quick and strong hair growth/nail growth
4. increased resistance to cold and hot weather
5. faster reflexes.
6. invulnerable to sunburn and a better tan
7. better sense of smell and hearing.
8. increased endurance and energy.
9. the ability to breathe deeper and hold breath longer
10. fresher breath and decreased body odor
11. only 4-6 hours of sleep needed each night
12. ability to fast with no adverse reactions.
13. increased creativity
14. greater concentration, memory, and mental focus.
15. clearer, more logical thinking
16. better attitude towards life, nature, order of things
17. closer relationship with nature
18. increased confidence
19. decreased stress
20. increased affinity for innate desires
21. increased sexual energy
22. increased penis size
23. controlled temper

etc etc etc

from Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet

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