Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alert: FL sport of penning fox/coyotes & letting dogs murder them

I attended the meeting today of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission on fox and coyote penning. At the meeting, Commissioners would
decide on the vote to whether regulate or prohibit fox and coyote penning-a
cruel activity in which trapped foxes and coyotes reside inside fenced
enclosures to be chased by packs of dogs, who kill the captive animals.
It's hard to believe that for more than 20 years this "sport" has been going
on in FL

In his column ("Let's put an end to pens for coyotes and foxes", 6.18.10)
Eric Ernst of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune writes,

"They may call it hunting, but that's an insult to real hunters. In this
case, wild coyotes or foxes are trapped, packed and shipped to fenced areas
where they are turned loose to run for their lives, day after day, from a
pack of dogs. If the dogs don't maul them to death, the wild animals die of
disease. Incredibly, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, an agency
entrusted with managing the state's natural resources, has sanctioned the
practice for more than 20 years

Over a hundred people signed up to speak and testify.

The FFWCC voted to BAN the penning of foxes and coyotes in the state of Florida !!!,0,55\45373.story

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