Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fruit Harvesting Timetable

Fruit Harvesting Timetable
Know When to Expect to Start Harvesting Fruit
By Vanessa Richins, Guide

The best part about growing fruit trees and shrubs is, of course, harvesting the fruit! Learn when you can generally expect to harvest the different types of fruits with this handy time line. The exact times will vary depending on the variety you choose and your climate.

Apples: July-early November

Apricots: May-June for most varieties

Avocados: Guatemalan varieties: summer-autumn. Mexican varieties: autumn-spring in California, summer-winter in Florida

Bananas: Late summer-fall in mild climates

Blueberries: 60-80 days after blooming

Cherries: May-July

Citrus: Year round in mild climates

Currants: Late spring-summer

Figs: First crop June & July; second crop in August except in California, where it is in September

Gooseberries: Late spring-summer

Guavas: Autumn in California; June-October in Florida

Loquats: February-May in Florida; March-June in California

Mangoes: May-September in Florida; autumn-winter in California

Nectarines: June-September (as early as April in milder climates)

Olives: Fall in mild climates

Papayas: In California, approximately 8 months after flowering; 3-4 months after flowering in Florida

Peaches: June-September (as early as April in milder climates)

Pears: July-late October

Persimmons: Late autumn-winter

Plums: June-August

Pomegranates: Whenever fully colored

Raspberries: Early summer; everbearers can produce into autumn


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