Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hidden Link Between Stress, Aging and Caffeine

The Hidden Link Between Stress, Aging and Caffeine
by Caroline MacDougall Link to full article below

It’s the common complaint you hear uttered by friends, family and
co-workers throughout the day. “I just can’t get going without my cup of
coffee!” What happened to the days of childhood when we used to bound out
of bed with plenty of energy and we kept going at an energetic pace until
night? Most people assume that age causes diminished energy supply, but
the latest research is shedding new light on lifestyle practices that
ultimately lead to fatigue.
Although we reach for the coffee or tea cup hoping to boost our energy,
studies show that we are actually inducing a state of stress. Caffeine
drives the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones that can remain in
the blood stream up to 18 hours after consumption. These hormones produce
the “fight or flight” response nature designed to help save our lives when
every bit of energy was required to survive an impending disaster such as
an attack by a foe.

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