Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paying Homage to a Murdered Lesbian :: Teresa Butz

Paying Homage to a Murdered Lesbian :: Teresa Butz

We get the Seattle news up here in Vancouver, BC and I have recently been totally moved by the story of Teresa Butz, a lesbian who was murdered in her home trying to defend her and her girlfriend against a vicious intruder, who had broken into their home and raped them both. The details are becoming clearer and clearer about what happened that early morning and I won't print them here (because they're too upsetting). If you think you can handle it, go here.

Teresa and her partner had a commitment ceremony planned for September and were going to celebrate Teresa's 40th birthday in Spain in October.

I don't know if the story got national attention or not, but it got extensive regional coverage before and after they caught the suspect (may he burn in hell forever). Teresa's last words on the street to neighbors: "He [the intruder] told us
if we did what he asked us to do he wouldn't hurt us. He lied, he lied."

To read the full story:

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