Thursday, January 10, 2013

Neal Barnard MD -- Go vegan to avoid Alzheimer's (VIDEO)

Neal Barnard MD -- Go vegan to avoid Alzheimer's (VIDEO)

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Everyone knows by now that fruits and vegetables promote health, and animal products promote disease.

Just this month another in the thousands of studies -- this one showing that over the 20 year study period, of men who had prostate cancer, those who ate a lot of fruits and veggies were 40% less likely to have the aggressive, fatal form of prostate cancer than those who ate more animal products. 

That's cancer. But what about your brain? 

Today we bring you a fascinating excerpt from a recent presentation by venerated researcher and PCRM president -- Neal Barnard MD. 

Listen as Dr. Barnard tells what research clearly shows about the decline of the brain -- and most importantly, how you can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming an Alzheimer's statistic.

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