Monday, December 1, 2008

December GIY: Fruits and Nuts - the South

December Gardening Tips: The South;jsessionid=XLZJHSWDZX5URQFIBQPSBHQ?storyid=/t\

Work in the garden slows considerably this month, but don't forget
about it. Comb it for decorating materials, and then give it the
holiday treatment, too.

Holiday plants need TLC.

Poinsettia Tips -- Keep poinsettias well-watered and away from direct
sun and heat sources, such as fireplaces or radiators. They'll droop
at the drop of a hat and won't recover well.
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Holiday Plant Guide -- Check out basic care and tips for other
holiday plants.
• Holiday Plant Guide >>\

* In moderation, add the wood ash from your fireplace to your
compost heap.
* In the warmest regions, continue to plant cool-season flowers
and vegetables. Mulch to conserve moisture and reduce weeding.
* In the warmest regions, now is also an okay time to transplant
shrubs and small trees. Keep them well-watered.
* In those areas where frosts are just an occasional thing, keep
plantings well-watered so whenever a freeze threatens, plants are
more likely to survive. A "turgid" well-hydrated plant is better
equipped to recover than a dehydrated plant.
* Set out a nice big basket to hold all those garden catalogs
that have started arriving already so you can read them after the
holidays, at your leisure.
* If you've overseeded your lawn and there are bare spots, feel
free to scatter a bit more seed to fill in. Also, if the weather is
warm and dry, you may need to water the overseeded lawn. If you
haven't overseeded, sit back and relax!
* In warmer regions, from now through February, after a killing
freeze or a frost, is a good time to move a rose. Transplant it with
as much of the roots as possible and keep well-watered.

Fall Tool Care -- At the end of the season, clean and oil hand tools
and store.
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* After the last mowing of the season, if there is one, take in
your mower to be serviced and have the blade sharpened so it's ready
to go for spring. Winterize all power equipment by allowing it to run
until the gasoline runs out.

Garden Shed -- Check out online gifts for gardeners -- or drop hints
to friends and family -- by visiting the Better Homes and Gardens
Garden Shed.
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