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The Asininity of Egg Consumption

The Asininity of EGG Consumption

by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

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Most people who eat or consume eggs and products made with eggs are not consciously aware of the reality of what eggs are and what they represent. Now I don't presume to know everything, but I do know about or am aware of the overwhelmingly majority of things I do (and say), especially regarding the things I eat or consume or put on my body. I don't mess around or take any chances when it comes to food and beverage. I am a very conscious, fastidious, and disciplined consumer of food and beverage and I only consume victuals.

If you eat eggs, there are some things you should know about eggs. First of all, what is an egg? The word egg is defined as: 1a. A female reproductive cell; ovum. B. the round or oval reproductive body of various animals, such as birds, reptiles, fishes, and insects, containing the embryo and covered with a shell or membrane. 2. A hen's egg used as food. ]. American Heritage Dictionary (2001), 4th edition, pg. 274

So for those of us who don't or didn't know it, at least consciously, eggs pertain to female ovum. The egg contains bio-genetic makeup of its parent organism and to know something about that egg, we must know something about the progenitor of that egg.


Eating eggs causes a host of diseases and pathologies. Eggs play a pivotal role in all female reproductive diseases, e.g. fibroid tumors, uterine cysts, breast cancer and tumors, menstrual irregularities, etc. Also, since these chicken eggs that many people eat are STERILIZED or infertile due to the sterilization process to prevent them from rotting (decaying), when women and men eat these eggs, they are in fact blindly helping to impair their own sexual fertility and potency. This is very true! Everything you eat negatively or positively, natural or unnatural, affects you and your entire being. So yes, eggs play a role in infertility and impotence.

Eggs also play a role in high cholesterol. Believe the hype on that.

Egg consumption is implicated in prostate woes. [...]

You should also know that since corporate farms (which are really high rise buildings) have genetically engineered their own birds for evil corporate purposes, they are also producing and marketing the eggs from these Frankenstein creatures. These Frankenstein chicken creatures are pumped with batches of synthetic female estrogen hormone to make the creatures develop bigger and to also produce more eggs. The scary thing to me is that since the companies have the patent on these genetically engineered creatures, they have the rights on their byproducts - the eggs. Therefore, these genetically-engineered chicken-like creatures (who don't have feet, feathers, or beaks) produce eggs that are naturally sterile and devitalized and will not hatch under any circumstances. These are the eggs many of you are eating today and don't have a clue about!

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