Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Organic Pet

By Kim Ridgeway,
CEO Meyer Country Farms, Ltd.


What we feed our beloved pets is as important as what we put into
our own bodies. The American public is becoming more
health-conscious and this attitude includes their pets. A recent
survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed that
nearly 50% of the respondents considered their pets as members of the
family. Most of the remaining viewed them as pets/companions. The
AVMA reported that 58.3% of all households own at least one pet and
60% of the pet-owning homes actually own more than one pet.


Many of the benefits which result from people eating organic foods
will hold true for pets as well. Clearly the pesticides,
insecticides and other poisons that humans avoid, should also be
removed from the diets of our special pets.

So, where do you find good, wholesome, organic pet food and treats?
When shopping at a large grocery store outlet or pet food warehouse,
you might find yourself empty handed. One alternative is to focus on
the smaller pet food stores as well as doing searching on
www.TheOrganicPages.com. Just as in other important areas of
concern in our life, reading labels and gathering information will

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