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The Crying of Pakistani Animals

The Crying of Pakistani Animals

Even human beings are not rewarded with fundamental rights In Pakistan .
But the condition of animals are worst and miserable. They are treated
ruthlessly, cruelly, mercilessly killed and hunted and so they are
disappearing from the surface of earth.

Birds and animals are so frequently hunted as enemy army is killed. In
this heinous crime not only the hunters are indulged but also the persons and organizations whose sole aim and duty is to prevent protect and save the animals and their lives. Wild life saving department, forest department
and the rulers are also indulging in such a destruction and abolition.

Moreover Bankers, Industrialists, Politicians have also no exception and
they like brokers, call Arabian princes to come, hunt and abolish the rare
species of birds and animals of different regions. So the animal life is
coming to an end in Pakistan. How can an animal be protected and saved in
country, where a former Prime Minister (Mian Nawaz Sharif) was fond of
taking his breakfast with animals "SIRI PAIS" feat and heads of cows and
goats, testicles and kidneys also and lunch with hens, partridges and
quails, in evening he fills his belly and stomach with SPARROWS broasted
in flour of pulse while in dinner he eats dishes of meat etc. and whose
country’s former president (Farooq Khan Leghari) is in a craze of hunting hundreds of birds, partridges and quails etc.

Simultaneously on calling Governors, Ministers, Politicians, Industrialists, Chief Ministers, Provincial Ministers, Governmental officials, and on calling likewise cruel, merciless, statesmen, leaders and landlords of various regions to ruin, abolish, curtail and kill the creeds of animals, camels, bulls, dogs, bears and arrange the fighting competition between cock, quails which after being wounded are being killed or on being defeated eaten. Then how will be the future of animals in that country is bright and how can they survive such terrible slaughter. How the future of the animals will be safe in a country, where a politician who considers himself the future Prime Minister, hunts the water-fowls, quails etc. and rare species of birds, holding a gun like a cowboy and gets infracted and remains hunting and killing them, where the members of "WILD LIFE SAVING DEPARTMENT" who just prevents him from this preparation such a merciless crime, he becomes
rash and rendered him to beat and punish him.

The condition of water creatures is also not good. Fish, tortoises and
other sea creatures, and lives are also running and perishing, and abolishing positions, which not only fells a victim of net but also with bombardment.
Then it is the heights points of cruelty that people do not stop killing
them and like way Pakistan’s water creatures are also going to be finished. In spite of the law, the animals that lay eggs or born children in particular season will not be hunted during that particular season. Such hunters and killers even remain Scot Free if they are imprisoned or captured by chance are escaped by greasing the palm of executives, either by force, recommendation or bribe. So the people are hunting the animals at each and every movement. What can be done for the survival and safety and protection of animals in a country where there is no check on citizens who kill and hunt the animals with legal or illegal weapons and law is also not strict in this matter. It is very astonishing that it has been legislated in the P.P.C. "PAKISTAN PENAL CODE" under section 377 that the punishment for un-natural offence of sexual intercourse with animals is only two years, it is just because that it is immoral act of offence, not because the person raped
the animals and in section 429 P.P.C., the punishment to kill or to paralyze or disable the animal is not due to perplexing the animals but loss occur to the owner of the animals. But it has been stated under the minor acts for "PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT 1890" that to harm, to make them lose, to keep them in circus for jugglery and beats the animals, to overloading, to keep the excessive and many animals in narrow and small places, riding on weak and ailing animals, not providing to cure to wounded animals etc. for all these crime there is a punishment of merely one or two hundred fine and imprisonment of one or two years.

But the problem is that this act is even not acted is not implemented upon
or being operated. No one protests or shows any reaction over it even
Government Authorities remain in different and the criminal wanders Scot
Free, so this act of cruelty is going on without fear and care, and
animals killing mongers ending the animals shamelessly and unsympathetically and no body asks them for this act of cruelty. So the animals of Pakistan are carrying.

1. The first and foremost cause is that no one pays any attention to this
hot issue, considering it a trivial matter from common man to Government
that wild life, sea life, air life (birds) are in danger here in Pakistan.

2. The organization that are responsible to save and protect animals, do
not protect animals, do not look after them properly instead of it they,
themselves hunt and after capturing sell them. So, the survival of animals
is in danger. The animals like elephants, lions, tigers, kangroo, deer,
zebras, pigs can only be found and seen in zoo. The animals like camel,
buffalo, cows, goats, deer, rabbits, peacocks, cocks, quails, pigeons,
sparrows, water fowls, pelicans, butterflies, partridge, red legged
partridge, goose, doves, their numbers are being reduce day by day after
eating and hunting.

3. In the same way, rare animals and other small animals are also going to
abolishing as they are like hot cake to other countries, especially to
Arabic princes who hunt these animals like eagles, hawks, falcons etc.

4. Such hunters are so much cruel and greedy and they hunt these animals
not only with the help of nets and guns but also make them senseless by
putting them poisonous feed.

5. They are hunting fishes through bomb blasts. So, the sea life is also
abolishing and finishing.
Moreover, another cause is that the spray of agricultural drugs on crops
and gardens and agricultural production. So, most of the bird, honey bees and animals meet their fate after eating dead warms, leaves and grass.
There are so many regions of Pakistan, like Sindh, Baluchistan, Cholistan.
There used to be numerous animals and birds but every year thousands and
millions of animals and birds fall victim of water logging.
Another reason is that trees and plants are cutting new plantation schemes
are fictitious. Another reason is that the human population is increasing
and animal population is decreasing.

There are no real hospitals in Pakistan for animals to look after and
care, neither life saving drugs are made nor imported.
There are so many organizations in Pakistan who claim to be the torch
bearer of human rights but there is not even a single organization who claim to be the champion of animal rights. But the planning are made for dual fights of animals in which higher authorities, "Chaudhry’s, Sardars, Numberdars and Zamindars" all indulged in planning of fights among dogs, bears, camels, bulls and birds also.

Animals like horses, donkeys, bulls; camels are also pass through another
painful process when sometimes they are unable to bear the undeserved pain
of excessive burden and die. Sometimes in the month of June and July they
are loaded with iron or stone bricks whereas in the past such burdens were
not loaded and there used to be water and they need to take rest under
shady trees but such facilities are not provided nowadays. So animals are die, due to intolerable pain.. No one pays any attention to it even so called wild life saving department to prevent mercilessness on animals. The basic reason to why people turn a deaf ear to this cruelty upon animals is that the fault lies in society. Government and other welfare organizations do not give birth to the emotions of mercy and sympathy in hearts of human beings.

But they are slaughtered on different occasions and are eaten as they are
not living thing but are as vegetable or fruits etc.
Another important reason of not saving, protecting, perishing the animals
and no security to the lives of the animals is that all the Government
Organizations, forest departments, animals life saving and other people
organizations never give adds in newspapers, radio, TV for the protection
of animals. No essays are written, no seminars are being held in which the
sympathetic and passionate feelings of the people being arisen, for the
betterment of wildlife’s survival which is must and burning issue of the
day in Pakistan.

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