Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roger Haeske - on Steamed Vegetables

Some "leaders" in the raw food community would have you believe
that steaming your vegetables and other foods for that matter has
no adverse effects on your health.

Or that eating a little bit of cooked food is necessary for ideal

Let's examine this a bit more closely shall we.

Consider what happens to a food when you steam it? You are
destroying it or breaking it down. You're literally killing and
rupturing all of the cells in the food by the steaming process.

But this is no simple breaking down process. It's a chemical
reaction. A chemist named Maillard discovered that hundreds of
new molecules are created in a potato by boiling it.

You're body treats these molecules as poison. That's why white
blood cell counts go up when you eat cooked food but not with raw

Do you think that steaming doesn't create new chemical bonds and

Imagine what would happen if you steamed your eyes? Ouch it's not
something you'd want to imagine is it. Within 10 seconds you'd have
done permanent damage to your eyes. I'm sure with a minute of
steaming, if you could take the pain, you'd be blind.

But remember this my friends, "steaming is good for you and doesn't
damage your food"


So why torture your food and render it poisonous before it enters
your body?

Consider the difference between a raw romaine lettuce leaf versus a
steamed one. They're going to look and taste very different... don't
you think? Can't be from the benign steaming could it?

The steamed romaine leaf would be a shadow if its former self. All
of the life energy would be steamed right out of it. In fact, I'd
bet there wouldn't be very much left after you steamed it.

Or compare the taste, texture and vibration (yes all foods have a
vibration - tis a scientific fact) of a raw cucumber versus a
steamed one. Or what about raw celery versus steamed celery.

They're all going to be remarkably different.

Maybe this example will really bring it home to you.

Compare the feeling and life force of fresh squeezed orange juice
versus pasteurized OJ you can get from the supermarket in the
cardboard box. There's no life, no tingle to it.

Pasteurized orange juice from the supermarket tastes dead because
it is dead. The life force and all of the bacteria has been killed
off by the heating process.

Same exact thing happens when you steam something.

Steaming like any other form of cooking introduces chaos into your
system. Steaming will kill you slowly from the inside out.

Imagine what would happen if you tried steaming an ant. It would
probably be dead in less than 60 seconds. Do you really want to
kill the cells of your food? Think about it.

There are also subtle radiant energies that you can't see with the
human eye that are damaged or destroyed by any form of cooking.
You're literally cooking the light and life out of your food.

We didn't evolve to eat this steamed crap either.

Even if I believed in the "THEORY of evolution" which I in no way,
shape or form do we still haven't had nearly enough time to evolve
to eating cooked food anyway.

Physiologist suggest that we would need up to 500,000 years or much
longer for evolutionary change to occur. Well guess what? The human
species didn't start cooking in earnest until about 10,000 years
ago with the advent of agriculture.

In fact, most of the evidence points to not an evolution from
eating cooked food but an immediate devolution of the human

Just look at your cooked neighbors and see what kind of state of
health they're in.

No way am I going to start eating cooked chaos. Yes that's what
steaming does, it adds chaos to a formerly orderly system.

I'm quite sure if you compared the cellular structure of raw
broccoli versus steamed broccoli under a microscope you'd see
something startling.

Do you think steaming would enhance the beauty of the cells of
broccoli or make it look chaotic, disorganized and unnatural?

Steaming is a health destroyer.

Now if you want to eat some steamed veggies more power to ya. I'm
certainly not condemning you.

It's not my business or concern, but if you want to be as happy,
healthy and vibrant as possible, you simply cannot accomplish that
by eating steamed vegetables.

You have to go 100% raw.

By steaming your food, you steam yourself. Don't allow that COOKED
POISON into your system.

And if you're still eating cooked, that's ok, just remember when
the day comes that you want to have ideal health and happiness
you'll want to drop all forms of cooking, whether steamed, boiled
or broiled its got to go.

Another big problem with steaming foods is a psychological one.
Once you open the door to the super addictive cooked foods via
steaming. Who's to say you don't quickly increase your intake of
cooked foods.

After all you're already eating some steamed veggies, why not eat
some steamed dumplings or heck why not steam some veggies and wrap
them in a tortilla wrap.

By going 100% raw you don't continue to deepen your cooked food

But if you regularly eat steamed veggies you'll almost certainly
want other cooked food as well because you can't break the cooked
food addiction while you're still eating it.

Cooked food is highly addictive just like cocaine and other drugs.

Cooking foods creates hundreds and thousands of new molecules that
don't exist in nature and didn't exist until the food was cooked.

Matters not that it was steamed because applying heat beyond a
certain temperature is going to reek havoc on your food and in turn
on you.

So if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm NOT in favor of steaming

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year Old Teanajer

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