Friday, March 27, 2009

8 Sexy Ways to Spend Earth Hour

8 Sexy Ways to Spend Earth Hour
During Earth Hour, we all switch out the lights for one hour (8:30-9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 28).
Can't think of anything to do in the dark? Really?
By Annie Bell Muzaurieta

Get physical [WTF?!]
What's a cooped-up couple to do? Copulate, of course.

Pretend electricity is not an option and you're unable to carry on with your usual evening routine. Then abide by all of the urban myths that suggest a baby boom occurs nine months after every blackout and blizzard, and get it on. Since you can plan ahead here, remember to use protection if you're not looking to procreate.

Enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner
Light some candles, pop the cork, and enjoy how good your mate looks illuminated by the soft glow. With no electricity, dinner will either need to be prepped and ready in advance of Earth Hour, or you could take the noncooked route. Think foods that are reputed aphrodisiacs: asparagus, almonds, figs, oysters, and chocolate for dessert. After sharing this spread, you'll want to keep the lights out for longer.

Gaze at the stars
Spread out a blanket in the yard or on your rooftop, and enjoy a view of the stars unobstructed by ambient light. Impress your partner with remarks such as "looks like a waxing crescent" (which is what the moon's phase will be on March 28, 2009). The March full moon is known variously in different traditions as the Fish Moon, the Budding Moon, the Worm Moon -- all of which reference the new season (fish spawn in spring, flowers begin to bloom -- and, as robins know well, worms emerge). Look for that slender crescent to inspire a little romance.

Play strip poker
Layer on your sexiest duds and prepare to slowly disrobe. You could play this classic when the lights are on, but doesn't candlelight make it more fun? If you're not much of a gambler, have a guide on hand to keep things fair.

Listen to the birds (and the bees)
Spring is in the air, and it's a good time to reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons by perking up those ears. Depending on where you live, you might hear the chirping of tiny frogs known as spring peepers, the hooting of owls, the chattering of insects, or just the human noise of the city. No matter -- draw each other close, and embrace in the natural noise of a night free of TVs and cell phones and iPods and Blackberries and...

Play charades (nude)
Wear nothing but your birthday suit and put on your best performance in a round of charades. You know the rules -- act out a phrase without talking. With no teams, it won't be much of a competition, but it will be fun to see what the dark does to your communication skills.

Make music
Write a love song for your sweetie, and belt it out surrounded by candlelight.

Not so good with words? Just use an old standby and strum along.

Can't play? Fine. Call it a poem and recite. (But you might want to have some oysters on hand for an aphrodisiac.)

Call out to the great beyond
What better time to contemplate your fate than when it's dark and spooky? Try your hand at palm reading. Pick up a book for beginners and learn the basics before darkness sets in. Be sure to focus on that love line. Or break out the old ouija board and ask questions about your future. Will you be together forever? Will you have kids? Will you get lucky before the end of Earth Hour?

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