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Date: 03/25/09
Issue: March 2009

Sunday, April 26 11 am – 4 pm

Vegetarians everywhere UNITE! Join LA’s first
VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE and help make veggie history

The festivities will begin at 11:00 am at Culver Events, where “veg heads” will register, enjoy a pre-march rally with veg entertainment and a special keynote speaker to rally the veg troups for our historic march. At noon we will begin a 5K walk through Venice with participants adorned with eye-catching costumes and thought provoking signs to educate people about the humane, environmental, and health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

After the march we will gather for a post-parade rally to celebrate the vegetarian lifestyle, with special guest presentations, music & veg entertainment, costume contest, and of course, a smorgasbord of vegan food from our area’s top veg restaurants.

Guest Speakers include:
Rory Freedman, Author of Skinny Bitch and other Skinny Bitch books and tapes.
Karen Dawn, Author of Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the way we treat animals.
Kenneth Williams, America’s first champion vegan body builder.
Lorri Houston, Founder of Animal Acres and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary.

Musical Entertainment by: Truth on Earth, Monogroove, Crazy Aunt Mary.

Come and get your veg on! The event is FREE and open to ALL. Sign up to PARTICIPATE in the VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE, make a DONATION to become a parade sponsor, VOLUNTEER for the event, or ALL of the above! Call 661-269-5404 or visit for more information and to register for the VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE LA today.

The Los Angeles VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE was inspired by Vegetarians Against Animal Exploitation in France who will be celebrating their 9th parade in 2009 and by VivaVeggie Society who organized the first Veggie Pride Parade in the U.S. in 2008.

The Los Angeles event is being coordinated by Animal Acres, the Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center. For more information on the organization’s programs and campaigns, please visit:

Animal Acres is a Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center directed by Farm Sanctuary co-founder Lorri Houston. Thank you for your support.

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