Friday, March 20, 2009

World Water Day 3/22

World Water Day - 3/22

The international observance of World Water Day is an
initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations
Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in
Rio de Janeiro. This year, World Water Day falls on
March 22—a day of observance and action to draw
attention to the plight of those without access to
safe drinking water.

We also need to protect water for future generations.
We have the same amount of water on Earth now that
there was at the time of the planet's creation. The
water consumed today will eventually be recycled
throughout the Earth's ecosystem for use by future
generations. The water we're drinking now has been on
Earth for millions of years! If you can imagine that
your great-grandchildren will drink the same glass of
water that you drink, you will be inspired to take
better care of it.

Twenty percent of the world's population lacks access
to adequate and safe drinking water, and as our
population increases so will the number of people
without easily attainable water.

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