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Please take part in Global Boycott Dat, May 16th

Please take part in Global Boycott P&G Day, 16 May 2009
To members of Uncaged - Animal Rights

Dan Lyons

Today at 6:33am
Action Alert

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day XIII - Saturday May 16 2009

Please unite with fellow activists for our thirteenth Global Boycott P&G Day on Saturday 16th May 2009 to expose the callous animal testing practices of the world's largest consumer goods corporation, and makers of Herbal Essences.

Our research shows the majority of people oppose testing cosmetics on animals and will boycott companies guilty of such practices. With your help, we can give millions of consumers the information they need to vote with their purses and help save innocent animals from deadly poisoning tests. If we want to protect animals, it's vital to empower consumers to pressure companies like P&G directly.

What You Need To Do

We - and thousands of defenceless animals - need you to get active with protests, stunts, street theatre, stalls and leafleting in town centres and outside supermarkets. You can also help by organising protests at P&G sites, or displays and information events at your school, college, library, health-food shop, or workplace, and/or by firing off letters to all your regional media and online forums.

With the vast majority of people against animal testing for Herbal Essences, this is an unusually positive and effective campaign that will attract widespread interest and support from the public. For ideas, you can check out more photos and reports from last year's Day at and .

Last year's Day was the biggest ever with over 250 different actions across the world. Let's make the 2009 event even bigger and bring renewed hope for those animals at risk from abuse at the hands of P&G and other animal testers. Remember, without YOU, animals are defenceless and vulnerable to the brutality of P&G.

If you ae unable to organise an event yourself but would like to join in with something local, please let me know and I can help put you in touch with any actions in your area.

UK residents: We are offering a FREE CAMPAIGN PACK. Please message me for more details.

Non-UK residents: We have downloadable Boycott P&G materials in a variety of languages at . English 'Hurtful Essences' materials can be downloaded from: . We are also exploring the possibility of having Hurtful Essences materials translated. if you can hep or have a particular request for a language, please let me know.

Please register your participation in this inspiring campaign by letting us know:
1. Your name
2. Your group's name (if applicable)
3. Your address (including postcode)
4. Your phone number
5. Your email address
6. Details of your proposed event for the Day of Action (what, where and when)
7. Any comments or specific requests

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to secure a better future for animals.

Yours for an end to the cruelty of animal testing,
Dr Dan Lyons, Uncaged

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