Monday, October 27, 2008

RAW FOOD MEALS CAN BE VERY EASY - they don't have to take days to complete


I am having "The Best Day Ever" today. I was able to sleep in this morning, had a hot bath, got dressed to take Alex to his Drum Circle, where I picked up a case of Young Coconuts for 9 bucks. Came home, put my jammies back on and have been hanging out with the boys all afternoon. I love these lazy kinda, lovin days just being.
I made Zucchini Pasta Salad that is waiting for us for dinner (see Raising Alex for recipe) and made the best lunch I have ever had. *giggling* it is soooo very simple and satisfying.
Banana's sprinkled with cinnamon and then covered with hemp milk. All I can say is MMMmmmmm!
Hemp Milk
1 cup of Raw Hemp Seeds, placed in your VM.
Fill VM with pure water
1 t Pure vanilla
1 T Hemp oil
Blend on high until is it frothy and wonderful, it does not take long. Serve over ice or in anyway you desire.
I love making hemp and chia milk because there is no straining involved. Easy is my middle name these I Knooowww how that sounds, but hey it is what it is...
I am really diving into eating today:
Banana's and hemp milk
Canteloupe cubes
Banana, mango smoothie with a few raspberries
Zucchini pasta salad ~ I am looking forward to this tasty treat!
Pineapple juice
Water with liquid chloraphyll

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