Monday, October 27, 2008

Save $4000 next year (& every year): A 12-step plan to save money by going green

Save $4,000 Next Year (And Every Year)
A 12-Step Plan to Save Money By Going Green
by Diane MacEachern
October 23, 2008

You can save almost $4,000 every year if you live a greener life.

Here's how:

Take lunch to work and stop tossing disposable takeout waste
Annual cost savings: $1,560

Sell your gas-guzzler and invest in a fuel-efficient model
Annual cost savings: $884

Drive smart to improve fuel economy
Annual cost savings: $600

Buy a reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water
Annual cost savings: $500

Make your own non-toxic cleaners
Annual cost savings: $300

Skip one driving trip each week
Annual cost savings: $225

Install window and door weather stripping
Annual cost savings: $129

Get a programmable thermostat and use it to regulate heating and cooling
Annual cost savings: $150

Buy a smart power strip and really turn off energy-sucking electronics
Annual cost savings: $94

Install low-flow shower heads, and water-saving toilets and faucets
Annual cost savings: $72

Replace an old washing machine with an EnergyStar model
Annual cost savings: $50 (plus 7,000 gallons of water)

Swap out old bulbs for compact fluorescents
Annual cost savings: $5-10 (per bulb)

Total cost savings: $3,690 per year

PLUS: Swap, Trade Using, EBay, Craig’s List to save more $$$$$.

For years, naysayers have claimed that "being eco is too expensive." Not any more.

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