Monday, October 27, 2008

They Campaigned for Renewable Energy: They were Labelled Terrorists

They Campaigned for Renewable Energy. They Were Labeled Terrorists
3 Environmentalists Were Put on a Watch List, Without Cause
by Dan Shapely

[Click on above to see Al Gore's video]

Despite there being "no evidence whatsoever of any involvement in violent crime,” three peaceful environmentalists who engaged in civil disobedience to argue for clean energy policies were fingered as potential terrorists in Maryland, according to a disturbing account by Andy Revkin in his DotEarth blog.

This is the kind of thing civil rights advocates warned about when the Bush Administration increased its domestic surveillance programs.

It's the kind of thing that -- unfortunately -- may be more commonplace than we know, or become more common. After all, both Al Gore and prominent NASA climate scientist James Hansen have publicly called for civil disobedience campaigns to disrupt the building of new coal-fired power plants.

In the effort to curtail greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, there are all sorts of strategies and tactics. Peaceful protest is certainly one very legitimate one.

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