Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 Major Companies Innovate By Going Green

5 Major Companies Innovate By Going Green
Diverse businesses are learning the benefits of corporate sustainability.
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While environmentalists, and the public, have many reasons to remain wary about big corporations, it's also true that big business's tremendous wealth and power can be harnessed for good. While no company is perfect, particularly when it operates on an international scale and has a long history, it is worth noting the ways in which companies are going green today.

The following are not necessarily the greenest companies around, but they also aren't niche players. Let's see what lessons in sustainability we can learn from:

Paper giant Kimberly-Clark has been trying to reverse years of bad environmental press, and earlier this year was recognized by the EPA for being one of the top buyers of green power. After a long conflict with Greenpeace over clear-cutting in Canada's Boreal forest, the company has agreed to source all it's fiber from "eco-friendly sources."

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