Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vegetarian trend helps environment

Vegetarian trend helps environment
Rebecca Young - Staff Writer
November 19, 2009 Link to full article below

Many students on campus have a new way of going green these days and it's all about eliminating the red.

Being vegetarian, or not eating meat, is one way students can contribute to saving the globe. Not to be confused with vegans (people who eat no animal products such as eggs or cheese) vegetarians do not eat meat. Some will eat seafood while others will not, but abstaining from meat has positive effects for the global environment and resources.

"We spend a lot of farmland growing food for animals," Brother Dan Klco, a professor in the biology department, said.

In fact, about 40 percent of food grown worldwide is for animals. In more developed countries the percentage is as high as 70 percent. In addition to using land and food for animals, Americans spend a lot of other resources to maintain a very large and corn-fed cattle population, Klco said.

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