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The top 10 fuel-efficient cars, according to the EPA

The top 10 fuel-efficient cars, according to the EPA
Nine of the top 10 vehicles in the government’s fuel economy rankings for the 2010 model year are hybrids.
By Eartheasy
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Overall, the top 10 fuel-efficient cars among the 2010 models are as follows:

1. Toyota Prius Hybrid (51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway)

The most popular hybrid car on the road today, this sedan is roomy and comfortable, and average on performance.
2. Ford Fusion Hybrid/Mercury Milan Hybrid (41/36)

The new Fusion Hybrid is a practical, mid-size sedan with an upscale interior of high-quality materials and unique technology features. It’s favorable driving characteristics have been noted in reviews.
3. Honda Civic Hybrid (40/45)

The Civic has Honda’s sporty performance and handling, but is a bit lacking on acceleration. A very efficient car, but a bit small for families.
4. Honda Insight Hybrid (40/43)

A small, sporty sedan which offers fewer features than the Civic, and priced to be an economy hybrid. The Insight is smaller than the Civic but larger than the Fit.

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