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Whole Body Detoxification - Fasting

Whole Body Detoxification - Fasting
by Mary Laredo
March 10 2008 Link to full article below

The challenge of maintaining or rebuilding health in
an increasingly polluted world can be facilitated with
a variety of cleansing methods that rejuvenate the
body, mind and spirit. Part 1 of this series focused
on lymphatic cleansing with rebound exercise. Daily
exercise, and rebounding in particular, is a vital
component of a healing regimen, as it helps to
oxygenate and strengthen the body while cleansing
lymph nodes and flushing the lymphatic system.

Periodic fasting of one to ten days (or longer for
experienced fasters) is a time-tested practice that
furthers cleansing of the day-to-day pollutants from
food and the environment, and also releases deeply
held toxins that have been stored within bodily
tissues for years or decades. It’s an invaluable means
of augmenting the cleansing initiated by other methods
such as exercise and an alkaline diet.

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