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Why fasting?

Why fasting?

"Humans live on one-quarter of what they eat; on the other three-quarters lives their doctor." - Egyptian pyramid inscription, 3800 B.C.

"Very few people know what real health is, because most are occupied with killing themselves slowly." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Ph.D., Hungarian-born American biochemist; Nobel Prize in physiology and medical science

Before we look at how to fast, let's examine the question: "Why fasting?" Although hundreds of fasting centers and clinics have existed in most European countries throughout the 20th century, Americans are still very far behind the learning curve regarding scientific, therapeutic fasting, as well as in adopting natural and organic food diets.

Likewise, despite all 3 Fathers of Western Medicine having fasted and having prescribed fasting (Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus, who declared fasting "the greatest remedy, the physician within"), the fact remains that symptoms-oriented trained U.S. physicians are also equally in the dark.

In the U.S., many in the medical orthodoxy continue to take a negative view of fasting, particularly as a therapeutic tool. But when the medical profession shifts gears from treating illness to PREVENTING illness, fasting will be increasingly prescribed.

Harvard-trained M.D., Andrew Weil, in his 1995 bestselling book "Spontaneous Healing", clearly summarizes what Allopathic Medicine can and cannot do for you, on pages 225-226: "CAN: "Manage trauma better than any other system of medicine; diagnose and treat many medical and surgical emergencies; treat acute bacterial infections with modern antibiotics; treat some parasitic and fungal infections; prevent many infectious diseases by immunization; diagnose complex medical problems; replace damaged hips and knees; get good results with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and it can diagnose and correct hormonal deficiencies. Allopaths CANNOT: Treat viral infections; cure most chronic degenerative diseases; effectively manage most kinds of mental illness; cure most forms of allergy or autoimmune disease; effectively manage psychosomatic illnesses, or cure most forms of cancer."

Doctor Weil also holds this opinion: "Do not seek help from a conventional doctor for a condition that conventional medicine cannot treat, and do not rely on an alternative provider for a condition that conventional medicine can manage well."

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  2. As long as their is a strong Medical Industrial Complex, we will never have a Disease free world! They don't want to cure anything, for if they do the money train shuts off! All they want to do is Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. This is getting out of hand, with the Center Disease Control and the World Health organization, and all this Flu Vaccine, which is a money machine for wall Street and their stock holders. Want the Flu and Cold killer, Nasal B-12 Cobalt, up the nose, will kill any respiratory disease on contact.

    It is very simple to have a Disease Free World by Fasting, and Semi-Fasting, by Protein Management. All Viruses have a double shell of protein around them, and will die if they don't have protein by 5 to 7 days. Bactria's heart is protein, and if it doesn't have protein between 3 to 5 days, it dies.

    Why do you think when a person who goes to a Fasting retreat, as a Basket case, and in two weeks comes out CURED, and is a new person. Because the body didn't have a new protein, and the viruses and Bacteria starve to Death, as the Medical Industrial should! It doesn't take a Einstein to figure that out! Are medical Research is lost in the Forest, for all they can see is just the trees. The medical Industrial Complex is killing Americans, with their drugs, Vaccines,Insurance Costs, and it is about time Americans realize it, and start taking Political action and control against this bureaucracy. Are they going to start giving Americans a Different Vaccine Every month? This just getting out of hand!

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